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Bringing Romance to the Annual Black Friday Pop 👆 Shop!

At the Annual Black Friday Pop Up Shop
Michaella Sinceere

Well, hello everyone! If you were able to make it to my annual Black Friday Pop 👆 Shop I would like to say thank you for coming! I thoroughly enjoyed your company and the many conversations that I had the pleasure of engaging in.

If you were unable to make it, I hope to see you next year. During my shop, I gave out gift bags, gift certificates and held a raffle for 2 romantic gift baskets! Which I hand delivered to the 2 lucky recipients!

There were so many vendors and people of all ages who came together to help celebrate and support small businesses. I definitely felt the love and respect for what I do. I'm so passionate about helping others and was so glad to be on hand to help many people onsite. If you have any questions about love, relationships or life in general feel free to book a consultation today!

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