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  • Who are your typical clients?
    On a daily basis, I work with men and women who are single, dating, in a relationship, married, separated or divorced. The characteristics that many of my clients share are: Ready to make a change in their life Willing to hear the truth about their situation Willing to work hard to attain the results that they want People who want to experience more fulfilling relationships Individuals who need help healing their broken hearts so that they can be happy People who need someone to listen to them and offer resolutions to their struggles
  • How long does Coaching take?
    Coaching is a process that if rushed can do more harm than good. Typical sessions are 1 hour long every week or every 2 weeks unless otherwise stated. After 3 sessions, we will review your progress and see what our next step should be.
  • How do we meet?
    I coach clients locally and all over the world. We can complete sessions via Skype, Zoom, or by Phone. No matter where you are located I can be there for you when you need me.
  • How do I get started?
    Click the button below in order to take advantage of my special offer of a 30 minute consultation for just $75.
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