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What Does It Mean To Be Romantic?


/rōˈmans/ Noun A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. Verb Court; woo: "the wealthy owner romanced her".Synonyms noun.  novel - love affair verb.  exaggerate Alright yeah yeah yeah...yadda yadda yadda...We all know the definition of the word romance but what many of us don't know is that romance is what you make it because it itself is controlled by uncontrollable feelings. You know those feelings that we all have when we feel closer to a person than we ever have before...yes that is called love. But the romance is the actions that you put behind your love. That is where I come in. If you have questions or request an opinion on your love life or if you are just trying to get your foot in the door of a relationship then you have come to the right place. My blog will take you place you may have never been before and for some of my seasoned subscribers many posts in my blog may just be a place where you can exercise the fantasies that you have bottled up inside you or maybe even give you some ideas for some new ones!     So, tune in daily to get advice on life in general, building relationships, parenting, sex and more but most importantly romance. Learn how to attract that romantic man or woman and how to turn your current situation into a romantic one.

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