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Passionate About Helping Others

On the professional side of things, she has been sharing her insight through her blog since 2013. Her experience as a relationship coach was garnered through her writing, relationship experience and her constant research. However, she has been formally educated in Psychology, Sociology, and Human Resource Management which has given her the skills she needs to help you get the  answers that you need. She listens to your issue, takes the time to break it down and carefully walks you through each step until you have a proper understanding of what it takes to move forward.

When she is not coaching clients, writing or doing research, Michaella loves to travel, and relish Jazz, comedy and poetry hang outs with her closest companions.
She provides consultations, one on one coaching, couples coaching, and speaking engagements to her clients. Coaching is her passion and helping you is how she takes Action! 

  • Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management which encompassed Psychology and Sociology.

  • Over 10 years relationship coaching experience

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